June 7, 2020

Trans-Southwest MTB Tour

Magpie Cycling Mountain Bike Day Tour

Smilin’ on the Porcupine Rim!

Our Trans-Southwest 11-Day Tour will take you on an extensive cross country bike  journey through the rugged and remote terrain of the American Southwest Canyon Country . The mountain biking will challenge your skills and endurance with miles of single track, rugged jeep tracks, technical descents, demanding climbs and all-out cruising.   You’ll be traveling across two mountain ranges, on historic routes and through very secluded regions in the country – a wild land of winding sandstone canyons, monolithic spires and expansive mesas.

Ancient Puebloan Indians (aka “Anasazi”) wandered these canyons, left their cryptic artwork and dwellings then disappeared seven centuries ago.  Spanish explorers were the first Anglos to see this amazing country in the 1700’s, and since then, long forgotten cowhands and miners have worked the land, barely eking out a living.  They all left something in their passing that contributes to the cultural richness found in this area.

Deeper in the wilds of Lockhart

Deeper in the wilds of Lockhart

We’ll begin our journey on the Kokopelli Trail near Grand Junction,Colorado.  This historic trade route was used by Native American Indians and climbs into the La Sal Mountains before descending into Moab, Utah.  It will take us 5-days to ride this classic trail and your reward will be to enjoy a Layover day in Moab before we continue through Lockhart Basin on our way to the Abajo Mountains.  After riding nearly to Bears Ears Pass we’ll make the final descent to Lake Powell.

This route is best suited for fit mountain biking adventurers with and is loaded with challenging riding and breathtaking views.


Charter Dates are available —  Contact us at 1-800-546-4245 and  schedule a trip for you and your friends today!