June 7, 2020

Private Guided Rides and MTB Skills Instruction in Moab

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Request a Reservation  Our Private Guided Rides with Mountain Bike Skills Instruction are a GREAT option for travelers coming to Moab from anywhere anytime! We use our local knowledge and over 25 years of mountain bike guiding experience in the area to lead you to and on the trails that are best suited to your level of ability & fitness as well as the current local weather conditions. We are professional and we share tips and information that will enhance your skills emphasizing safety and resource protection.

Slickrock Trail Moab Utah

After a thorough introduction to basic MTB skills on the Moab Brands Trails, MAGPIE’s Professional Guide/Instructor lead                 Lynn & Jay on the Slickrock Trail Practice Loop, a goal of these two novice MTB riders from WI.

All Private Guided Rides with MTB Instruction are lead by our small dedicated staff; Mike Holme, Maggie Wilson, Mike Adler, Mike Rundle, Sasha Pasler, Josh Baughman, Andy Keck, and Laura Brigham.  Our Guides have a wealth of knowledge about the local area and unique styles.  Rates include your Professional Guide/Instructor, Food (Sandwich, Fruit and Snack Bar), a Standard Full Suspension Bike rental MTB (or bring your own bike and get a $20/person discount), and Transportation to the trailhead from Moab.

Our PGRs are suitable for all levels of skill & conditioning.  Regardless of your MTB experience, everyone benefits from being properly prepared for the ride – you want to arrive in Moab healthy, fit, and STOKED for your ride.  Therefore we recommend you check out Dee Tidwell’s Enduro MTB Training Programs.  We’ve used Dee’s programs – they’re affordable and they work!

Trips during spring and autumn (March, April, May, Sept & Oct) meet at the Lion’s Park Moab Transit Hub after 8am – your Guide/Instructor will be ready for up to 6 hours of ride time.

Trips during the summer months (June, July & Aug) start earlier in the morning with the intention of being finished before the heat of the day! The logistics for the summer day trips require advance reservations and a Pre-Trip Phone Meeting on the evening before your ride.  During the Pre-Trip Phone Meeting we’ll confirm the plan for where and when to meet the following morning ready to ride (meaning that you’ve already had your morning beverage and eaten a hearty breakfast).

During the winter months (Nov, Dec, Jan & Feb) we start later in the morning with the intent of being out during the warmest time of the day. Winter trips meet after 10am.  Anytime the temps are above 39F we’ll happily go for a mountain bike ride.  Even when it’s cold in Moab it’s almost always sunny!  All you’ll need is the appropriate gear & clothing (bring it all) to enjoy riding in cool weather.

We require a deposit to secure your reservation and we’ll need to know your heights in order to reserve rental bikes in the correct sizes.

Call us at 1- 800 – 546 – 4245 to schedule a ride!