June 7, 2020

Kokopelli Trail MTB Tours

Castleton TowerOur 5-day Kokopelli Trail mountain bike tour follows the historic Kokopelli Trail through the bad-lands of western Colorado on beautiful rare desert single track that parallels the Colorado River for the first two days. This section of track has some short steep climbs and long open flats.

Kokopelli Trail

Singletrack section of the Kokopelli Trail

Next, the route climbs into the La Sal Mountains for two days. From our camps more than 8000′ above sea level, we can look to the east at the Rocky Mountains or to the west at the red rock desert below. We conclude this great tour with a descent back to river level via the famous Porcupine Rim Trail!

Charter Dates are available; call to make it happen for you!  This is an Advanced/Intermediate tour with mileages ranging from 25-35 miles/day with up to 4000′ of climbing.  Join us on a trip that will create memories!

To schedule a trip for you and your friends contact us at 1-800-546-4245.

The Kokopelli legend has become an icon of the desert southwest.

It is known as the God of Fertility. The Kokopelli is often depicted in rock art as a Flute Player who frequently carries a pack. One story tells of the Kokopelli who visits a village with a pack full of seed. After a long day of planting and a long night of dance, flute music & celebration, all the women in the village would wake up pregnant!