March 30, 2020

The Maze MTB/Hike Tours

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Riding around the Maze

Heading back to camp after a day riding in The Maze

Join MAGPIE CYCLING for an unforgettable mountain biking and hiking journey into the Maze! The most remote of our tours, the Maze is nestled deep within Canyonlands National Park and the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area.  If you’re looking for the ultimate escape from the rat race, this is it – The Maze has got to be the most serene place on earth!  This is the region where famous cattle rustlers & horse thieves such as Butch Cassidy and The Wild Bunch would travel through to get to their comfort zone, a place called Robbers Roost.   The intricate canyon network offered an ultimate escape from authority.  After a week out here, you too will feel a little more wild!

The Maze offers fantastic desert mountain bike riding and has some of the best examples of ancient Native American Rock Art in North America. We’ll lead you on spectacular hikes to view and interpret this Art, as well as some Ancient Puebloan Ruins (btw – “Anasazi” is no longer a politically correct term) that you may never find without a guide!

There’s so much to see in this vast & remote region of Canyonlands that you can maximize your experience by being properly prepared for the trip – arrive in Moab healthy, fit, and STOKED for the adventure.  We recommend you check out Dee Tidwell’s MTB Training Programs. We’ve used Dee’s programs – they’re affordable and they work!

A layover dayhike to see the Harvest Scene

A layover dayhike to see the Harvest Scene


This setting is perfect for friends or family reunions, or even corporate team-building sessions!

Maze Classic 5-day

We will start this tour by riding across the top of the Orange Cliffs through a beautiful Pinyon Pine and Juniper Forest to the Flint Trail, a seldom traveled descent, and on down to the Maze Overlook.  This campsite gives us access to hike the labyrinth of Cedar Mesa sandstone canyons appropriately called “The Maze”.  Day three is an exploration by mountain bike through this exposed geology, learning about our planets history and stopping to view ancient forests petrified within.  Day four allows options for lazing around camp, a short ride, or for going as big as your Guides can handle!  Our exit route is called the Hite road, and it is a great spin through an amazing landscape that will take your breath away, while chatting it up with your new friends trying to figure out which great adventure you will join next!Ancient ruins, cowboy camps, Earth history, and contemplation in the shade of remote cool water springs can all be enjoyed on this tour. Charter dates are available, and we recommend reserving your dates well in advance.

The Maze Super Special 6-day

This itinerary combines mountain biking with hiking to maximize your opportunity to cover as much of this extremely remote region of Canyonlands National Park as possible in a 6‐day period.  We start with a hiking excursion into Horseshoe Canyon to see the famous Great Gallery & the Holy Ghost – Ancient Puebloan pictograph panels – and add a day of riding out the High Spur to check out Panorama Point and Cleopatra’s Chair.  Day 3 finds us riding to the Maze Overlook, and hiking into the Maze itself to see the Harvest Scene rock art panel.  Day 4 is a full on bike day, traveling to our final layover camp in Teapot Canyon, from where we venture on Day 5 to the Land of Standing Rocks, for as much riding and hiking as we can handle.  Our final day is a cruising ride out the Hite road, where the landscape delivers up scenic views upon scenic view.

The Maze In Depth 7-day and Maze in Depth 8-day Tours

The Flint Trail descends the Orange Cliffs

The Flint Trail descends the Orange Cliffs



On the theme of maximizing your experience, we created this extended itinerary for those interested in the full immersion in-depth tour of this remote & wondrous landscape!  In addition to hiking in Horseshoe Canyon to see Ancient Puebloan pictograph panels and checking out Panorama Point we’ll spend two nights in the Land of Standing Rocks – deep within the interior of this land district!  We’ll travel by foot on a point to point hike through the Maze proper to an incredible remote layover camp – a rare adventure that very few humans get to experience.  Charter Trip Dates are available for this once in a lifetime adventure vacation, so please contact us a year in advance to request a reservation for your preferred dates.  Rarely we’ll offer a date as an Open Group trip recommended for very fit mountain bikers who are also avid hikers.
Let’s go see it all in the Maze!

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