June 7, 2020

One Day White Rim Trail Ride

Powering up Murphy's Hogback.

Powering up Murphy’s Hogback.

The White Rim Trail in Canyonlands National Park has become a favorite one day epic mountain bike ride for the goal oriented endurance crowd.  If you’ve been thinking of completing this amazing 84 mile route in one day, look no further.  Magpie Cycling takes care of all the logistics including shuttle, water, food, maps, support station at the halfway point, and all the other little details so you can JUST RIDE your bike!

You’ll meet our experienced Professional Guides at Poison Spider Bicycles the night before the ride for a pre-trip orientation.  Once on the White Rim Trail, you’ll be riding at your own pace through miles of visual splendor toward the halfway point where our backcountry support rig awaits with a bike maintenance station, lunch, cold drinks, water, and shade.  You can maximize your experience by being properly prepared for this epic ride – arrive in Moab healthy, fit, and STOKED for the adventure.  We recommend you check out Dee Tidwell’s Enduro MTB Training programs.  We’ve used Dee’s programs – they’re affordable and they work!

Throughout the ride, your experienced guides help with pacing and offer reminders for caloric and water intake.  Guides will also happily interpret on-the-fly the Cultural & Natural History of the Moab area for any riders with interest.  For some riders, the way to go is plugging into an ipod and starting a Garmin!  However you would like to experience this classic one day epic trail ride is up to you!

Frequently asked questions and comments

Why should I hire Magpie Cycling  when I can do it myself?

Along the Green RIver

Finishing in the daylight along the Green River

Our services include much more than a guide. You may not even want to ride with a guide, and that’s fine. The great value in this offering includes experienced logistical coordination, experienced drivers, vehicles and insurances, food planning, shopping and packing, emergency communications, mechanical support, lots of water and food that you don’t have to carry on your back, maps, photos of yourself during your accomplishment, and professional guides with hundreds of laps around the White Rim who leave their tough-guy ego at home and just want to show you a great day on the bike!

Why can’t I just hit up one of the commercial outfitters out there to give me water?

Mainly because they already have a group of people to take care of, and those people paid for that water.  It’s just bad form. Prepare and assume responsibility for yourself or stay home.

Why do you go clockwise around the White Rim Trail?

Magpie Cycling supports this ride clockwise because it is the safest (and relatively easiest) way to operate this exposed epic route.  There are more miles of cruising along river bottoms when you’re tired instead of rough bedrock climbs beating you down before a long, rougher uphill finish.  Believe us when we say this is the way to go. Once you have done this ride with us, do it the other way and see for yourself!

My friends say that if you don’t ride the whole loop then you didn’t really do a lap, what do you think about that?

While this does seem to be the attitude of the tough guy crowd, Magpie Cycling chooses to operate fun, challenging adventures that are safe and attainable for more of the population.  Think about it, the more people on bikes the better, right?

Can we ride the whole 100+ mile loop?

YES, custom 100+ mile options are available for charter groups of 6 or more.  We recommend making a plan at least 6 months in advance to ensure your custom group date.

Call us at 1-800-546-4245 to discuss a One Day White Rim Tour for you!