June 7, 2020

Needles 3-Day MTB & Hiking Tours

Needles 3‐Day Mountain Biking & Hiking Tour

Canyonlands National Park, Utah

Elephant Hill is a fun challenge on the way to the Confluence

Elephant Hill is a fun challenge on the way to the Confluence

The Needles. 

Come immerse yourself in this otherworldly landscape of polychromatic sandstone with intricate canyons,  and giant spires that pierce the deep blue Canyonlands sky.    This classic tour offers two days of riding with a hike day between.

Joint Trail

Descending into the Joint Trail crack system

Our rides follow a meandering course across beautiful open meadows, over domes of Cedar Mesa sandstone and through Pinion Juniper Forests.  The trails will take us to the northern boundary of the district to overlook the Colorado River and the western edge where we’ll take a short walk to the Confluence Overlook.  We’ll enjoy our pack lunch while watching the Green and Colorado Rivers mix it up.

The hike day will take us through the remote Chesler Park area, across Elephant Canyon where fossils are found within a dark purple rock layer, and finally to the famous Joint Trail, where massive sections of sandstone have fractured in a crosshatch pattern sometimes wide enough to walk through.

For fit beginning mountain bikers to experienced expert riders, this route will test your skills and max-out your fun-meter!

This trip is yours for riding, hiking, viewing ancient art, sleeping under the stars and relaxing at camp taking in the spectacular views.

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Elephant Canyon

A beautiful, surreal landscape awaits in the Needles area of Canyonlands

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