March 30, 2020

White Rim Trail Multi-Day MTB Tours

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The White Rim Trail in Canyonlands National Park is the Canyon Country Classic mountain bike ride with grand descents, miles of cruising, demanding climbs, exquisite views and great hiking.

It’s a happy day on the bike!

For the novice rider, there couldn’t be a better place to learn and practice your MTB skills. For intermediate and advanced riders, the White Rim Trail will test your technique and max-out your fun-meter. For all, it is simply the premier MTB camping trip in the desert southwest; no wonder the White Rim is our most often repeated tour!
We offer several itineraries:

White Rim Trail 3-day Tours for Fit Adventurous Riders: This trip follows the same route as our 4 & 5-day White Rim trips with mileages that range from 26 to 29 miles per day. The itinerary is designed for fit experienced riders with narrow vacation windows.

White Rim Trail 4-day Tours for All Abilities: These are our most popular desert tours. These trips have relaxed & casual itineraries that leave plenty of time for side hikes and moments of pure leisure. We ride 14 to 28 miles per day.

This road leads to the White Rim

White Rim 5-day LayOver Tours for All Abilities: This desert tour offers a more relaxed pace and a unique mid-route LayOver day on which we lead a hike for those who want to explore in more detail the vast backcountry of the Island in the Sky district in Canyonlands. We ride 8 to 21 miles per day.

White Rim 3-day LayOver for Advanced Riders: This tour is best suited for the very fit cycling adventurer who enjoys all-day exertions on the bike and by foot. We’ll split the 84 mile course into two days of riding, days 1 & 3. On the LayOver day, we’ll lead a hike “under the ledge” or to the top of the Island in the Sky for a different perspective of the White Rim and Canyonlands National Park… or you can hang out camp to enjoy a rest-day.

One Day White Rim Trail Ride: This tour is for the very fit avid cyclist who wants the challenge of riding 84mi over demanding desert terrain… ALL in one day!!  more info

Call us for more info at 1-800-546-4245!

Green River Bottom in Springtime

Charter Dates Available: Any of our trips can be chartered by your Private Party!  You bring the group and we’ll take care of the details!  Custom itineraries are available: dates, amenities, activities, etc are negotiable.

To schedule a Charter Trip call (800) 546-4245 today!

View amazing images of this tour!  Photos by Anthony Sloan. CLICK HERE