June 7, 2020

About Mike Adler, MTB Guide

Mike Adler with Magpie Cycling

Mike enjoying another day on his bike!

Mike Adler came to Utah in 1984 to spend a season skiing in Park City and ended up staying there for 12 years!  He has been in Utah and Colorado ever since, working as a river guide, a mountain bike instructor, and doing lots of crazy jobs in between to support his skiing and biking habits.  He says he saw a guy in Park City in the late 80’s riding around town on a purple Gary Fisher, and decided he wanted to be riding one of those too — and thus began Mike’s love affair with mountain biking.

During the summer season you can find Mike guiding river trips on the Yampa and Green Rivers, the Colorado and the San Juan — and he has been doing so for almost 20 years.  His mountain bike guide career has lasted 10 years and counting.  His immersion in the river canyons and desert country has gone hand in hand with a serious interest in the geology of the Canyon Country.  He also digs Western History, specifically the more recent settlement history.  He loves to visit historical sites, and feels that a connection to the past helps him become a part of this place now.