June 7, 2020

About Maggie Wilson, Owner / Guide / MTB Instructor

Maggie Wilson landed in Moab, Utah in 1992 for a job working with the National Park Service at the Southeastern Utah Group as a Biologist. Federal budget cuts, Maggie’s enchantment with the Colorado Plateau’s High Desert and passion for outdoor adventures led her to a long career as a mountain bike tour guide and instructor.  Maggie is enthusiastic about teaching, learning and playing in the great outdoors. Her positive energy is contagious!

This is what Maggie has to say about herself: Hi, my name is Maggie Wilson.  Some call me Magpie.  I call myself a Californian Refugee.  I’ve been guiding mountain bike trips since 1992 and, I can’t think of any other profession I would rather have.  My job description is simple:  Bring ‘em back alive… and have fun!

I have worked for many different outfitters in lots of different locations over the years. My career began in the Canyon Country of Utah and Arizona and lead me to the mountains of Colorado, Oregon, Mexico, Belize and to Molokai Island in Hawaii.

I love riding my bike. When I first arrived in Moab, I had only a road bike with me. I had no idea what off-pavement treasures lay here in Grand County, Utah. It wasn’t long before I sent for my ’86 Mt. Fuji Ltd. and began exploring the area by mountain bike. Soon, my job with the National Park Service that originally brought me to Moab was over. I wasn’t ready to leave. Fortunately, I discovered mountain bike guiding and instruction.

Though I had no practical experience guiding mountain bike tours, my knowledge of the area and my background in Biology and Emergency Medicine landed me my first job.  I quickly learned how to cook great food in Dutch Ovens for large groups and how to drive huge 4×4 trucks over gnarly dirt roads!

The best part of my job is working with people.  I like to engage in stimulating conversation with people from all over the world.  I believe that in every person there is a teacher & a student, a master & a disciple, and an artist & a critic.

I look forward to meeting you all!

Peace, Love & Happiness,

Magpie’s Philosophy on Riding, Business, Relationships and Life – it’s like learning to put an edge on a blade; study the method, practice your technique and hone your skills, keep your goals clear and stay focused!