June 7, 2020

About Kathy Hands, MTB Guide

Magpie Cycling Guide

Kathy Hands first laid eyes on the Canyonlands Country in 1982, and in many ways has not looked elsewhere in the years since.  After years coming to the Canyonlands to backpack and hike, she became a permanent resident of the Moab area in 1998.  She began riding a mountain bike in 2005 and was happy to discover that riding hard on a bike gave her the same endorphin rush as trail running in the canyons.  The camaraderie of group trips with others appealed to her as well.   She received her guide certifications in 2007, and is known at Magpie Cycling Adventures as the Wildflower Goddess.


In her own words:Maze Wildflowers

I love the colors of this gorgeous red rock land, and I especially enjoy the variety of life that abounds here, if you know where to look.  Of course, oftentimes you are in the right place at the right time, and there is no better way of increasing your chances at experiencing natural wonders than by being out in this awe inspiring place known as Canyonlands!

My original love of Utah’s Canyon Country came about from multiple backpacking trips taken over many years.  When I moved here and made Moab my home, I became aware of the prevalence of mountain bikes and mountain bike riders in this community.  I decided that I wanted to experience this country on a bike, and began training for my first Magpie Cycling Adventure trip, a 4 day White Rim Multi-day Tour.  I had not ridden a bike in over 20 years, and none of my hiking or running miles prepared me for the experience of a saddle!  I persevered and fell in love with mountain biking on that White Rim tour.

I have always heard the adage that learning new things will keep you young, and I experienced that firsthand as I rode my bike over the rolling contours of the White Rim Road, a breeze flowing over me, and felt absolute joy.

I also believe that laughter is the best medicine.  A Magpie Cycling Adventure tour provides an incredible venue for stimulating conversation, for shared experience, for learning, and abundant laughter.  Come ride with us!