December 14, 2017

2013 Was Fantastic!

Thank You…
Magpie Cycling wants to thank everyone we had the pleasure of riding with last year for an AWESOME 2013!!! It was a year filled with wonderful riding, stimulating conversation, lots of laughter, and new friendships. Mother Nature shined upon us, and when she threw us some curves, you, our guests, handled them with grace and good humor. Our 2013 season was one to be very thankful for, as we continue to make our life’s work one of sharing the beauty, the wonder, and the trails of the Moab area, Canyonlands, and beyond with incredible people from all over the world. Thank YOU!!!

Come join us in 2014 — click here to check out Magpie Cycling Trip dates!

Please check out the images below for a brief slideshow of trip highlights from 2013.


  1. Robert Rowley says:

    Hello Magpie Owners,

    I am crazy for not remembering your names. I am sorry. I believe Maggie is one of your names. Your

    husband name I don’t remember. I think both of you run a fun mtn. bike company.

    I love the Moab area. I hope to come back to cycle with you soon. At the moment I am in Houston sorting out the Visas for my Silk Route bicycle trip. I must not be distracted yet by any more trips this year until the paper work and visas and plans are organized and paid for.
    I cycle here in Texas around the city of Houston both indoors and outdoors. I am not over training for the 7500 mile Silk Route beginning this May.
    I have your address and would like to come cycle with you. When I will come is up in the air. I want to feel more secure over the Visa situation first before I leave Houston for any trips before May.
    My Colorado River ride with you helped me to have confidence in my tent. It withstood the wind and rain. The trip experience mimicked the Silk Route.
    I hope to see you before I leave to cycle the Silk Route.


    Robert Rowley

    • Maggie says:

      Hi Robert,
      Thanks for your kind words about Magpie Cycling – Mike Holme & I are quite proud of what we’ve built in this little company. Our biggest assets of course are our Professional Guides – Mike Adler and Craig Hill accompanied Mike Holme on your trip last Oct.

      Good luck sorting out your Visas for your Silk Road bike trip – you must be SOOOOO excited! I don’t want to distract you from your goal, however, I will plant the seed about Bill McCanless’ 60th B-day Celebration trip – White Rim Trail 4day 7-10 Sept 2014. Steve Lex & Jack Quigley are going. 😉

      Be careful riding around Houston – I’m happy to know you’re not over-training. Keep us posted on when you’re ready to come train in Moab. We’ll be ready for you!

      Peace, Love & Happiness,

  2. Mitch Davis says:

    Hey —

    Nice hearing from you folks.

    My son, Parker Davis, and I took your “substitute” trip during the park closure. We were with 8 other guys who were all part of the same group.

    At the conclusion of the trip, your guides took a group photo in the parking lot that they said they would forward on. We haven’t seen it yet.

    Could you please locate that photo and send it on? Thanks.

    And, BTW, the trip was fantastic. Your people were great.


    • Kathy Hands says:

      Hi Mitch! Give us a couple of days to locate those pictures, and we will send them on to you! You and Parker definitely got to enjoy a unique trip, and we are glad to hear that you enjoyed yourselves! Kathy