January 19, 2018

What a Government Shutdown means for Magpie Cycling

Deep in the wilds of Lockhart

Deep in the wilds of Lockhart

We would be hard pressed to find anyone who has not heard of the US Government shutdown.  Here in the Canyonlands of Southern Utah, the ramifications of this event are immediate.  5 National Parks, 4 National Monuments, and 1 National Recreation Area draw people from all over the world to this area of the country.  These are all Public Lands managed by the National Park Service, which has closed the gates to ALL the lands under its administration NATION WIDE.

Therefore, Magpie Cycling will re-route our scheduled White Rim Trail and Maze Multi-Day MTB Tours away from Canyonlands National Park.  Our alternate plan is nothing particularly new & innovative; we have used this alternate route frequently in the past, in response to weather issues and/or road closures!

Our goal – as always – is to provide the best mountain biking trip in the American Southwest, with beautiful country, exceptional riding, knowledgeable and personable guides, and delicious back country cuisine.

An eye catching mesa in Lockhart Basin.

We will post further updates here on our website as needed.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us with questions or concerns.

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  1. Kathy Hands says:

    The state of Utah has stepped up to fund the National Parks in Utah. The White Rim trip scheduled for this week of the 14th of October has gone ahead as planned. The current funding is for 10 days, through the 21st of October. The rumor on the street has it that Utah will infuse more operating capital if the government does not resolve the shutdown. Stay tuned!

  2. Mike H says:

    I just got back from a Lockhart Basin trip with 12 amazing people….Beautiful weather, amazing riding and lots of laughs….can’t wait to get back out into canyon country next week. I heard last night that the Utah Parks are going to be open this week because Utah is making it happen! Magpie Rocks!