March 30, 2020

Summertime and the Riding is Early!

Summer Slickrock Panorama

Early light softens the edges of Slickrock and La Sal Mountains alike

Tamarack morning ride

Teenage riders rock the single track!

Ready Set GO

Ready, Set, GO!

Magpie Cycling has been busy busy this summer!  We have hosted guests from near & far on the single tracks of Moab, riding the North Klondike &  Bar M trail systems, tackling the Slickrock trail and the Whole Enchilada with several riders, and ascending to Dead Horse Point State Park to ride the Intrepid trail.

Gottschall Morning Ride

Sky & Clouds, Light & Shadow

We were thrilled to host school groups from the East and West Coasts, teaching beginner & intermediate mountain bike skills on the varied terrain of the Bar M area.


Happy to be on the Rim

Cooler temperatures and lovely views await the North Rim rider

Magpie was also blessed to spend time with some wonderful folk – both old and new friends – on our North Rim of the Grand Canyon Multi-Day Tours in June.



Porcupine View

The Whole Enchilada includes Porcupine Rim

We hope that Summer has been awesome for all of you as well.  We are looking forward to our Autumn White Rim trips and at least one a-Maze-ing adventure.  Let us know if you would like to join us!  Check out our Autumn Trip Schedule!

Kurz North 40

A North 40 rider