January 19, 2018

Hungry? Magpie’s Delectable Food

All colors of the rainbow ensure a nutritious and flavorful meal

All colors of the rainbow ensure a nutritious and flavorful meal

When it comes to food, one picture is worth a thousand words!

We start with basic organic and natural ingredients, locally sourced meats, and fresh veggies.

Cropped Brekkie

Nothing beats some scrumptious bacon with your French Toast!

We add a dash of  Dutch Oven cooking, a dollop of  fresh air, and top it off with a gorgeous Canyonlands sunrise or sunset.  Maggie and Mike love good food, and this is reflected in the flavorful dishes that get served up on Magpie Cycling trips.

What smells so good?

Lewis & Clark carried Dutch Ovens on their Western Explorations


Dutch Oven Chocolate Cake anyone?

Dutch Oven Chocolate Cake anyone?

 Let us know — What is your favorite Magpie Dish? 


  1. Roger Katz says:

    We rode the White Rim with Magpie Cycling in 2008 for our 20th anniversary and had a fantastic time. Magpie guides and support are top notch (we’ve ridden world-wide on a dozen plus adventures), and the food is incredible. What’s described is absolutely accurate, but modest. The food is high quality and the taste…well, we’re still talking about those meals on the trail today. In fact, the reason I’m on the site today is to plan a Magpie adventure for our upcoming 25th anniversary. LOVE Magpie Cycling!

  2. Rich says:

    Ohhh…looks so yummy. I want bacon now! Maggie, don’t know if you remember, but I’ll never forget when you fed Mark Marcum and I, when we bumped into you on a one-day White Rim ride in I think 1998. This was after being denied even one water bottle filling (we were totally out of water) by another local tour outfitter that shall remain nameless. You fed us lunch, and brought us back from the dead with great food! That outfitter no longer provides tours in Moab, but I’m sure glad you do!

    • Mike H says:

      Thanks Rich, great story! We’ve got you tagged in the bacon lovers category! We’re proud of our backcountry capabilities, and can’t wait to start cookin’ up some fun for 2013!

      Join the Magpie family this year for a backcountry How-To-Cook-In-A-Dutch-Oven……www.magpieadventures.com