March 30, 2020

Magpie Bike Clinics

Mike Holme of Magpie Cycling doing pre-ride bike maintenance

Check your derailleur and clean your chain

One side benefit of a Magpie Cycling Trip is the informal bike clinic hosted by Mike Holme, Guide Extraordinaire and co-owner of Magpie Cycling Adventures.  Whether you are a long time rider, or someone newer to mountain biking, there is likely something to be learned looking over the shoulder of a man with more than 30 years of experience as a bike mechanic.  In Mike’s own words:  “I started working with bikes in 1982.  I have a great love for bikes, and an equal love of sharing my knowledge with other people.  I want people to feel empowered to care for their own bikes, and to understand how they work.  After all, a bike is an investment, and it will reward its owner with endless enjoyment and challenge, as well as last longer, with some regular attention.”

Maggie Wilson of Magpie Cycling doing bike maintenance

Maggie smiles while prepping a bike for the day’s ride

Mike sees himself as filling a void in the education of a mountain biker:  “Too many times to count, I meet people who have purchased a full suspension mountain bike, but have no idea that they can adjust the shocks on their bikes.  I can be the person who shines some light on the mystery of your bike.”  From learning to fix a flat or a broken chain, to learning how to dial in your suspension, you can gain a little or a lot from Mike Holme.  Extra icing on the cake of a Magpie Cycling trip!

PS:  If you have a story to share about a Magpie Bike Clinic, we would love to hear it!

Mike Holme of Magpie Cycling doing pre-ride bike maintenance

The mechanic at work on a beautiful morning in the Maze