March 30, 2020


Tandem bike riders in The Maze

Gary and Linda survey the big view in Elaterite Basin

A unique way to explore the Canyonlands area is to ride a tandem Mountain Bike.  Magpie Cycling Adventures has hosted many tandem riders on both the White Rim and Maze Multi-Day tours, and the photos posted here show some happy and satisfied guests.

Magpie Cycling guests enjoying their ride in The Maze

Karen and Mark smiling in The Maze!

While tandem bikes come in many configurations, the most common is the two person tandem.  Riding a tandem bike requires different skill sets from the riders, and cooperation and compromise between the riding partners.  The front rider is called the Captain, is typically the larger person, and controls the bike’s balance, steerage, braking and shifting.  The back rider, or Stoker, provides the motor, or power for moving the bike.  The Captain must always be aware and considerate of the Stoker’s needs, and the Stoker must develop high trust in the Captain. A common pairing on a tandem is a married couple, and when a couple puts in the time learning to ride together, or “clicks”, tandem bike riding can be a way to enhance your relationship as well as your health.  Add in some incredible country, and a Magpie Cycling Adventure tour is a great way to tango as two on a tandem!

As a Magpie Cycling guest said “A tandem will only take a relationship where it is going already — just faster”