March 30, 2020

Boomin’ Granny

Boomin" Granny

Susan enjoying the Mag7 Trail in Moab, Utah

Meet Susan, a High Power DC Refugee who has re-invented herself as a Cyclist in her 60’s!!!

Susan decided after a long career of Research, Teaching and working for the Feds that the stress was just not worth tolerating any longer.   She and her husband sold their place in the city and moved to Oregon – closer to their two daughters, one of which has since had two children of her own.

Once in the west, Susan realized that she enjoyed cycling more than she had back east.  Susan met a few great people in Bend and began pursuing the path of becoming a true Cyclist.  She up-graded her bikes, began training with Bart Bowen and started entering races for fun.

John, Susan’s husband and avid photographer, went to watch and take photos of Susan’s first race.  Susan was mortified at what she saw in the images and immediately proclaimed, “If I want people to take me seriously as a Cyclist, I must lose some weight!”  Susan worked very hard, changed her diet, added strength training, and in two years lost 40#s.

“I feel great!  And climbing hills has become easier too!!!” says Susan.

Susan has totally fallen in LOVE with Mountain Biking.  Last year she decided that she was ready for her Pilgrimage to Moab, the Mecca of MTB.  Susan booked five consecutive days of Private Guided Rides with MTB Instruction during the first week of March 2012 with  .  During those 5days, Susan and Maggie rode a new trail every day exploring the multitude of different tread surfaces and fantastic scenery found in Canyonlands.  They worked on the skills necessary to safely enjoy Mountain Biking in Moab – enhancing Susan’s confidence along the way.

Susan’s enthusiasm and dedication to self should be an inspiration to all people interested in trying something new and nurturing themselves into optimal fitness!